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"Fat-obese-overweight people are like lepers in our society ... In this day and age anyone who is overweight, doesn't watch their diets or exercise because of an eating disorder should be considered a misfit."


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You are so fat, you rented a 250-foot long limo, sat in the back and squished the poor driver.

You’re so fat, Goodyear wanted to fly you over the Superbowl.

you’re so fat, when you walked in front of the tv I missed three of my favorite tv shows…

You’re so fat, you have more chins than a Chinese phone book.

You’re so fat that when you went to the zoo, the hippos got jealous.

You’re so fat, you take up three pages of your family tree.

You’re so fat, you need permit to roll over in bed!

You’re so fat, you could sell shade.

You’re so fat that when you step on the scales it says, “One person at a time please.”

"Overweight People a/k/a Fat People are disgusting. Fat people should get a grip on life and learn how to shut their mouths. Obese, fat and overweight people not only hurt themselves but cause normal and conscientious people to have a poorer quality of life then they deserve. Normal health minded people, who watch their diets, should not be victimized by seeing and even hearing fat irresponsible people eat in public. It not only an embarrassment to the huge, disgusting and dumpy person, but is an eye sore for those who like people watching in public places. Fat and obese people shouldn't go out in public unless they sit in corners or arrive before or after normal people. What I would like are NO Fat People zones! I am not alone, this is a majority sentiment! I want NO FAT Zones similar to NO SMOKING zones and or NO parking Zones. Fat people should be scorned and pushed into a leper like category until they wake up and decide that their obsession and dysfunction must be dealt with for not only their own quality of life issues but to be able to live a normal everyday and public life.  Its no wonder fat and obese people are call Fats-OH and scored, they are OH so Fat and ugly!"  Brian, New York

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Fat Jokes
Fat Jokes

The above commentary was sent to us recently. And yes, we know who he is. As you can see, the writer is a prejudiced, most likely a bigot and has a very warped view of people in general. The Mindset of this person is so strange we felt in necessary to publish a website devoted to Obesity, the problems confronting the challenges of being overweight and what assistance can be offered to obesity. We are sorry if the above letter offends anyone but it was that letter that encouraged us to try to show the world how many people think about the dreadful problem of obesity and overeating in general. We are appalled and plan to do something about it!





The above and the following pages are satirical, sarcastic and offer opinions of many people. Our sponsors are concerned and interested folks. In no way are we offering advice or providing information that should be used for making lifestyle or health decisions. We offer these pages to as a starting point for information, meeting national sponsors and to provide interesting and funny perspectives about obesity, dieting and how to deal with the problem. We are not healthcare professionals and are not qualified to offer advice. We recommend anyone who is faced with obesity, eating disorders, failed diets or psychological problems to seek the advice of an expert. We will list some healthcare and medical sponsors within these pages, which we hope will help.

We encourage anyone with interesting information, websites, fat jokes, articles about obesity, and related information to email us. Please do not send pictures, they will be deleted. We will, however, be able to accept pictures when we advance this site.  We are asking for all types of email correspondence so that we can post as many views and comments about obesity as reasonably possible. We will post offensive and supportive information on this site and hope we can expose how people really think and what insensitive people really think about overweight people! And, most importantly, how people suffering from or challenged by obesity really think, feel and respond to such adversity. We hope everyone who has deep feelings about obesity participates.

By the way, the webmaster of this site lost twenty - pounds during the past two months .... he attributes his success to having a sense of urgency about avoiding anything "white and everything with sugar." He also maintains a strong sense of humor while he too is challenged with his own serious physical and mental health issues. God is watching, god bless!

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